Hi Everyone (Chris: 083 760 4488) My name is Chris Lubbe and work with the doctor in Roodepoort JHB who does the Naltrexone Implants for addicts and alcoholics. I need to say something “It’s the best decision that I have ever made.” As you will see below (my testimonial) I was on Crack, Heroin,and Tik for as long as I can remember, and because of my decision to have the Naltrexone implant, today I am free and free for good. Now because of what the Naltrexone did for me, I contacted the doctor and asked him (I would have truly begged him if I had to) if I could join him and become a part of this Naltrexone miracle. I say it so as it was a miracle for me. He agreed to have me on board. Naltrexone is the best drug addiction treatment today! Well, since working with the doctor, I have never seen such astonishing results. I have seen addicts that I truly believed would not live another month go on the Naltrexone implant and honestly a week to 10 days later go and see them and they looked as if they have never used drugs in their lives before. I am aware that there is some negative sentiment around about the implant. Here is the truth: Most of the negative sentiment comes from people that make money off drug addicts / alcoholics and their families, ie: Rehab centres, doctors, councillors etc. The fact is Naltrexone works and in the end the statistics of the addicts / alcoholics that used the Naltrexone and stayed clean and through therapy and group meetings (Narcotics Anonymous, Naltrexone support groups) changed their lives / lifestyles and became productive members of society again, will shine through. I currently keep record of the success rate of the Naltrexone implant, and I can honestly say that we are sitting on over a 90% success rate at this moment. If we compare this to the success rate of rehab centres, well let’s not even go there as it will be embarrassing for the rehabs. The Naltrexone implant is fully legal, but not yet registered at this moment by the medical council. The good news is that I can let everyone know that the medical council believes that this is a miracle drug and is doing everything to speed up the process of registering the Naltrexone implant. I believe that once this happens and the Naltrexone becomes medical aided, the rehabs will start closing (thus the negative sentiment.) What I do for the doctor is as follows: If any addict / alcoholic that has gone for the implant or is wanting / thinking about going for the implant or if anyone just wants to know more about the Naltrexone, I am the person to call. I am available 24/7 on my phone and will give you all the information you need to know about the implant and what feelings you will experience after having the implant. I also do one on one therapy sessions for addicts and alcoholics who have gone for the implant or wanting to go for the implant.  I run a programme with them, to help them learn how to live a life on life’s terms without the use of alcohol and drugs.  The programme I Run is the 7 stages of recovery.  It is very similar to the 12 step programme that many rehabs run but is much simpler and far more effective as most addicts and alcoholics only do the 12 step programme whilst in a rehab but once leaving, very few continue the programme. As we are all too aware of drug and alcohol addiction is at crisis levels in the world we live in today after having spoken to many state prosecutors, I was informed that 70% of crime committed in our country today is as a result of drug and alcohol addiction.  I even have these prosecutors now wanting to send addicts and alcoholics involved in crime to have the implant done instead of sending them to rehabs, as they all say that once the addicts leaves the rehabs a month later they all land up back in jail again as they keep returning to drugs and alcohol. Here is my testimonial. I would like to add something that is spoken about a lot: When a heroin addict goes for the implant, it is as I explain to every heroin addict and their supporters, it is not easy for them for the next 3-4 days following their implant. The reason for this is because once the Naltrexone mixes with the Heroin that is still in the addict’s blood, the addict starts to withdraw. The withdrawals are difficult and painful for the addict. The doctor does however prescribe heavy sedating medication and pain relief medication for the addict for the withdrawal period. What I really need to emphasise is that every Heroin addict needs to withdraw in order to clean up. Yes a heroin addict could rather go on Methadone or Suboxone, but the problem is this: Once the addict comes off the Methadone or Suboxone, what then happens is the addict will withdraw, plus using Methadone or Suboxone means the addicts are still using as these are actually synthetic Heroin. The great reward for the heroin addict once they have overcome the withdrawal period is this: They will NEVER have to withdraw again as the desire to use the drug is now removed absolutely and if they try and use the effect of the drug will be absolutely NOTHING, so no more drugs for the addict resulting in the addict NEVER having to withdraw again. Please refer to the testimonials, and every month I will be adding many more testimonials, this I guarantee.